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Create a truly intelligent home

Dragstone lets you create simple rules and triggers, offers full customization where each device’s signal can act as input to the other connected devices.

Affordable & Easy To Use

Dragstone is totally free to download, install and use. Run Dragstone on a cheap Windows-stick or on a computer of your choice. All drag-and-drop, no messy config files.

Soon available for Linux and Macintosh

We are thrilled to let you know that we are working on a major update of the Dragstone home automation system. All new features will be revealed later on but for now I can say that we are moving to .Net Core for the code. This means the following: The Dragstone home...

New feature: randomized timings in PulseTrigger

We added a useful feature in the PulseTrigger plugin that we call RandomizeTiming. This feature makes it possible to add randomization to the timings of the plugin. The value is a percentage that describes how far (before or after) the standard timing every new...

SendMail plugin is ready

Now it is possible to send mail via a plugin. This Dragstone plugin should have been made a long time ago but more important features got in the way. But now it's finally here, ready to be downloaded. And it is of course totally free to download and use!

Ease of use



Home automation just got easy.

Dragstone is your new (and one-of-a-kind) home automation pal. It’s as easy as Add devices – Connect – Go! Start your lawn mower if it hasn’t rained in two days and the forecast does not predict rain today. Turn on your outdoor lights at sunset. Throttle up the water heater during lowest spot price of electricity.

The best thing yet? It’s fully automatic and you don’t need to bother!