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Do you need to say a lot of things but all that your solution does is firing triggers all over the place? The TextPad allows you to translate a trigger to a text string of your choice; in fact there is 10 of them!

But that’s not all! TextPad also accepts strings as input values and this, in combination with [keywords],can add textual content to your data.

Some standard scenarios where this can be very useful is where you want to translate error- or statuses into text that will be outputted in some way, maybe via your multi room speaker setup.

Another scenario is where you need to translate triggers into sending standardized remote control codes to some hardware setup of yours.

The example below illustrates how the different slots in the TextPad plugin is used for greatly differing tasks. We can see that Input 1 and Input 2 is used for transforming an url to be used by the WebGet plugin for fetching content of the web. Input 3 is used for creating a more readable error message and logging it to disk via the DataSave plugin.

The bottom-most picture shows the settings dialog of the TextPad plugin where the user has entered some transformations for both URLs and error-messages



Requires WAN access: NO
Requires LAN access: NO

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Version 1.0
Initial release


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