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This plugin is a real workhorse in many situations! What it does? It gets things going, it starts things up, it knocks on the door of many plugins!

This plugin sends trigger signals at a selectable intervall of your choice. This can be used in situations when there are plugins that is missing an internal clock to fire up their own functionality. Pair it with a Gate plugin and the signaling goes from “stupid” to “intelligent” with the right setup. The PulseTrigger may be autostarted or started by triggering its “Start” input.

The below example shows how the PulseTrigger is constantly sending triggers into the flow. The Alternator plugin is distributing the trigger signal on each of its outputs, one at a time. The Tester plugin is just there to display the different trigger signals reaching it, forcing it to take on different statuses.



Requires WAN access: NO
Requires LAN access: NO

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New features: Delay can be adjusted by randomization
Buggfixes: minor buggfixes
Initial release


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