PulseTrigger Documentation

Note: The documentation always refers to the latest version of the plugin

 Plugin Connectors

Connector Type Description
Start input, trigger Starts the pulse trigger mechanism. A trigger will be sent with a delay in between. The delay is specified in the plugin settings dialog.
Stop input, trigger Stops the pulse trigger mechanism.
Trigger output, trigger The trigger that will be sent.

Plugin Settings

Setting Valuetype Description
AutoStart Yes/No If set to Yes the plugin will start triggering as soon as the project start. If set to No the plugin needs to be started via the Start-connector
AutoStartInitialDelay 0…n If AutoStart is set to Yes, this setting will ad a delay (expressed in milliseconds) before first trigger.
NumberOfTriggers 0…n Sets how many triggers will be fired until the plugin stops. Use 0 for endless/unlimited number of triggers.
Delay 1…n Delay in milliseconds between each trigger. Note that using smal numbers will put more strain on the system. Think about at what rate you *realy* need to fire the triggers.
Randomize timing (%) 1 – 100 Adjust the Delay between each trigger with a random number within this timing range.
CancelOnNewStart Yes/No Select Yes for canceling and restarting the current triggering cycle when a new Start-trigger is received. Select No for ignoring new Start-triggers when a trigger cycle is already running.
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