Another smaller release follows last week release of 2 new plugins. This week we have a plugin we named Command although we could have named it Run, Execute or similar; they are all very descriptive names for what the plugin does.

Command lets Dragstone run external software, programs, scripts… well everything that is executable from within the operating system. You may even trigger a file by its name as long as the file extension is registered in the OS, for example executing a file called “MyDocument.txt” would in most cases open an instance of Notepad with the text file loaded. As with a bunch of other Dragstone plugins, the settings dialog accepts [keywords] in order to make the File Name or Arguments much more flexible by having its data transformed into the incoming data.

This plugin makes for a small integration point for other scripting languages and in cases where hardware must be controlled by running legacy software thus lacking any good way of using it in another way.