Command Documentation

Note: The documentation always refers to the latest version of the plugin

The File Name and the Arguments settings can be altered using keywords inside brackets:

[date] A date in the format of year-month-day, ie “2016-04-26”.
[time] Time in 24 hours format, ie “21:03”.
[random] A random generated hash/guid, ie “c2fefc7805154ac3bbde4e8479aa9fcd” .
[counter] A counter increasing by 1 each time the Execute input is triggered. Note: The counter resets when the project (re)starts.
[data] The data received by the Execute input connector.
[newline] Inserts a newline character.

Plugin Connectors

Connector Type Description
Execute input, string Runs(executes) the file or command set in the settings dialog. This input also takes data if you need to use it with the [data] keyword for the File Name and/or Arguments
Error output, string If the plugin encounters an error, the error message is sent through this output connector.

Plugin Settings

Setting Valuetype Description
File Name text Full path to the external programs or scripts to be executed. This setting accepts keywords (see above explanation)
Arguments text Optional file arguments to append to the File Name. This setting accepts keywords (see above explanation)
Use Shell Execute Yes/No Set to Yes to use the operating system shell to start the process. When you use the operating system shell to start processes, you can start any document (which is any registered file type associated with an executable that has a default open action)
Window Style Maximized/Minimized/Normal/Hidden This setting indicates whether the process is started in a window that is maximized, minimized, normal (neither maximized nor minimized), or not visible.
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