Scheduling the Worx Landroid lawn mowerAlthough Dragstone already had one calendar we needed one more to complement the functionality of the first calendar, the TwilightCalendar. This new Calendar is simple in its setting; just select a time of day and it will send a trigger signal on all connected outputs when the correct weekday occurs. Adding a PulseTrigger in the flow may add further granularity to the workflow; let one calendar start the PulseTrigger and another calendar stop it.

Example: Every Saturday and Sunday morning at 08:00 (Calendar) a trigger will be sent each hour (PulseTrigger) until the clock strikes 11:00 (Calendar)

The near future

We have added a couple of more time aware plugins to our work backlog. One of them being something we could call a daygate and the other a timegate. Guess what they are doing?

We will get back to you when they are ready for download.