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Installing plugins

If you just installed Dragstone, there is a possibility that there are no plugins installed in the Core. The same goes for when you have downloaded a plugin from; you need to add it to the server (Core) in order to use it. All plugins are contained in a zip-file and there is 2 ways to install the zip-file(s):

1.) Via the Install-button. Just click the Install button on the Dragstone PUI screen, select the plugins you want to install and click Ok. Then click Upload. It is possible to select more than one plugin in the file dialogue. When the upload is finnished the Dragstone PUI is automatically updated.

2.) Via unzipping. If you have access to the disk that the Core is installed upon, you have the option of unzipping the plugins in the plugin-folder of the Dragstone installation. You need to refresh the Dragstone PUI page in order for the plugins to show up in the plugin-add dialogue.

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