Worx Landroid Documentation

Note: The documentation always refers to the latest version of the plugin

The Worx Landroid plugin has an internal clock that polls the lawn mower to fetch the latest info/statuses available.

Note #1: The plugin only sends a trigger if there is a change in status since last check.
Note #2: If the PollingDelay is set to a high value some statuses may be missed; ie jumping from a Charging complete status to Start status. Recomended settings for PollingDelay is 30 seconds (30000ms).


Plugin Connectors

Connector Type Description
Start mowing input, trigger Start mowing the grass
Return home input, trigger Return to charger station. This will also force the Landroid to cut along the border line when returning to base.
Battery remaining output, string Percentage battery left.
In base output, trigger The Landroid has returned to its base.
Start output, trigger The Landroid has started to cut the grass.
Stop output, trigger The Landroid has stopped cutting the grass.
Charging complete output, trigger Charging of the battery has reached 100%
Manual stop output, trigger Stop-button on the Landroid has been pressed.
Going home output, trigger The Landroid is going home.
Landroid Error output, string Landroid is reporting an error.
Error output, trigger Plugin is reporting an error.

Plugin Settings

Setting Valuetype Description
IP n.n.n.n IP adress to the Landroid
Pin code 0000…9999 Your 4 digit pin code to access the Landroid
PollingDelay 1…n Delay, in milliseconds, between each check for updated data against the Landroid. Default value is 30000 (=30 seconds).
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