Tester Documentation

Note: The documentation always refers to the latest version of the plugin
Please note that this plugin is only for giving a visual hint of what input it has received data on. This is mostly used for debugging plugins when an confirmation of a working output is needed.

Plugin Connectors

Status, Idle-not-startedinput, triggerSets the plugin in the visual mode of Idle-not-started. This is the default status that the plugin will have when the project is started, so this might not be a visible status.
Status, Errorinput, triggerSets the plugin in the visual mode of Error.
Status, Idle-workinginput, triggerSets the plugin in the visual mode of Idle-working.
Status, Busy-workinginput, triggerSets the plugin in the visual mode of busy-working.

Plugin Settings

Duration to show status (ms)1…nThe amount of time, in milliseconds, to let the plugin take the mode of the selected input before reverting back to the status Idle-not-started.
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