FileWatcher Documentation

Note: The documentation always refers to the latest version of the plugin

Plugin Connectors

Startinput, triggerStart the file watcher process
Stopinput, triggerStops the file watcher process
Createdoutput, stringGives the path and/or the filename of the created file
Deletedoutput, stringGives the path and/or the filename of the deleted file
Changedoutput, stringGives the path and/or the filename of the changed file
Renamedoutput, stringGives the path and/or the filename of the renamed file

Plugin Settings

AutoStartYes/NoSet to Yes if the plugin should start watching as soon as the project starts.
Folder pathtextThe folder to watch for changes in
Match patterntextSet a file match pattern to filter out what kind of files to watch. Defaultvalue is *.*
Include subdirectoriesYes/NoSet to Yes if FileWatcher should look into subfolders within the selected Folder path
Output full pathYes/NoSet to Yes if output should be a full path (path + filename) instead of just the filename
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