SamsungTV Documentation

Note: The documentation always refers to the latest version of the plugin


Attention: The first time you use the plugin against a compatible tv-set, a question of authorization might pop up on your tv screen. You must accept the question to add your Dragstone environment as a trusted device in your tv. After this has been done no more questions should appear on the tv.

Plugin Connectors

Power Offinput, trigger Turn TV off
Volume Mute input, trigger Turn volume off/on
Volume Up input, trigger Turn volume up one step
Volume Down input, trigger Turn volume down one step
Digit input, string A string with the digit(s) you want to enter
Channel Up input, trigger Increase channel number
Channel Down input, trigger Decrease channel number
Channel List input, trigger View a list of channels
 Channel Source input, trigger Change input source
 Menu input, trigger View system menu
 Info input, trigger Show info about channel content
 Guide input, trigger Toggle TV guide
 Caption input, trigger ?
 SmartHub input, trigger Enter/exit the SmartHub
 Tools input, trigger Toggle the Tools menu
 Recording, Play input, trigger Play media content
 Recording, Stop input, trigger Stop media content
 Recording, Pause input, trigger Pause media content
 Recording, Record input, trigger Record media content
 Recording, Forward input, trigger Forward media content
 Recording, Rewind input, trigger Rewind media content
 Navigate Up input, trigger Arrow up
 Navigate Down input, trigger Arrow down
 Navigate Left input, trigger Arrow left
 Navigate Right input, trigger Arrow Right
 Navigate Enter input, trigger Enter button
 Navigate Exit input, trigger Exit button
 Navigate Return input, trigger Return button
Erroroutput, triggerPlugin is reporting an error.

Plugin Settings

IPn.n.n.nIP adress for the Samsung TV
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